Opening hours

From Thursday 27th April 2017

Monday *closed*
Tuesday       11am - 3pm
                    6pm - 10pm
Wednesday  11am -3pm
                    6pm - 10pm
Thursday     11am - 3pm
                    6pm - 10pm
Friday          11am - 3pm
                    6pm - 10pm
Saturday      11am - 5pm
                    6pm - 10pm
Sunday        11am - 5pm

227—229 hoxton Street, n1

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Salt Beef, Pastrami, and other Jewish classics in London

Monty's Deli opened as a market stall in 2012. Mark had long been obsessed with refining the perfect pastrami and salt beef, and his sandwiches – hand carved towers of meat – were soon declared by Tom Kerridge 'the best value lunch in London'.

One of the only places in Britain to make their own salt beef and pastrami, Monty's Deli is proud to produce everything by hand. They bake the bagels, they cure the meat, they make the mustard, they've even developed a rye bread to complement their award-winning sandwiches. Like Katz's in New York, and Langer's in LA, the recipes are closely guarded secrets, and the portions are generous. 

This is the food Mark was brought up on, food that his grandfather, Monty, introduced him to as a child. Chicken soup with kneidlach, cooked over two days. Salt beef perfected over a week. This is Jewish soul food, made with love.